A two-month program for entrepreneurs


Take the right steps when the price of a mistake is high

May 7th
2 MONTHS of intensive work

is an online program for entrepreneurs of all levels who find themselves in conditions of increased market risks.

The program is an external support tool for your business, which will allow you to minimize losses, take the best possible steps, change quickly, and use all the opportunities that the crisis brings.

Thanks to the program, you will minimize losses caused by the crisis, transform the company according to new market realities and find a way to identify maximum positive opportunities from the crisis.

The program is based on three main theses: survive, transform and fly up. That's what we are going to work on!

This program is for you if you are:

An entrepreneur whose business is striving for survival due to market conditions

An entrepreneur whose business has experienced a small shock so far, but you understand that the risks are very high

An entrepreneur whose market is developing in spite of the crisis and who wants to get the most out of this situation

This program is also for those who
  • Increased personal effectiveness and mental stability during crisis

  • Construction of an operational cash flow management system to avoid cash gaps

  • A step-by-step plan for optimizing business expenses with clearly defined stop-loss

  • A step-by-step plan on optimizing business expenses with clearly defined stop-loss

  • Construction of an aggressive and digitized marketing and sales system to attract customers

  • Revival of your business and growth in spite of the crisis

Program Description
Module 1 Personal effectiveness and leadership during crisis +

Level goal

Within a few days, you will introduce a number of tools to increase personal effectiveness, which will help you solve more issues every day, while maintaining resources. Productivity in a crisis is essential! You will also establish high-quality communication with the team to keep spirits high and ensure maximum productivity of employees during crises.


  • Personal Google Calendar guide
  • Rules for effective briefings and meetings
  • Rules of employee's behavior during crisis
Module 2 Setting up a cash flow management system +

Level goal

You will create a cash-flow forecasting system that takes several scenarios into account as the situation develops, and sets decision points to reduce costs under various scenarios. The price of a delay during the crisis is very high. This module alone will pay back the cost of this program!


  • Cashflow forecast template (in three scenarios with a chart visualization)
  • A form template for obtaining forecast data from revenue centers and centers
  • Instructions for revenue and cost centers
  • Instructions for drawing up and update of the Cashflow forecast
Module 3 Adapting a business model to the changing market +

Level goal

You will predict possible scenarios for the development of situation in your market and adapt your business model to each of the scenarios. Carry out a quick SWOT analysis of your current situation and determine the steps to get opportunities from the current crisis.


  • SWOT analysis template and examples
  • Business model and competitive strategy description template
Module 4 Rapid sales increase strategy +

Level goal

In this module, you will determine actual channels of lead generation, develop a set of standards and sales technologies, set up a system of regular monitoring of marketing and sales effectiveness indicators, as well as start to measure conversion and intensity of calls.


  • A list of lead generation tools with examples (for different business sectors)
  • An example of a speech module standard for a sales manager
  • A report on the effectiveness of advertising channels in Internet marketing
  • A set of key indicators for the sales department
  • Templates of operation reports in the field of marketing and sales
Module 5 Organizational structure optimization +

Level goal

You will form a vision of the minimum necessary organizational structure to maintain effectiveness of the company, learn to distribute functional areas and highlight key responsibility centers during crisis.


  • An organizational structure template
  • The main principles of organizational structure effectiveness
  • A quick structure modeling screencast in XMind
Module 6 Staff optimization +

Level goal

You will conduct an ABC analysis of employees, carry out an anti-crisis review of salaries, draw up a plan for potential staff layoffs in different scenarios and increase effectiveness of the team during the crisis.


  • ABC analysis of employees template
Module 7 Business valuation and sale of business +

Level goal

You will learn how to assess the value of your business correctly using the net asset method and the residual value method, make an offer for sale of a business as a favourable presentation, and also make a list of potential buyers.


  • A template for calculating the value of the company by the method of net assets and the residual value method
  • A business purchase offer presentation template
Module 8 Re-startup. How to restart your business +

Level goal

If your company is young and severely affected by the crisis, you can quickly restart it with minimal risks. You will determine the best business area, conduct a market analysis, sketch a business and a financial model.


  • Market analysis methods
  • A business model description template
  • A financial model template (P&L)
How the training is organized
8 educational online modules with practical content.
Personal profile on the online platform.
Home tasks after each module.
Operational support of the curator.
Online workshops with Kirill Kunitsky.
A package of business tools for work.
P2P groups for anti-crisis communication with other entrepreneurs in the form of an advisory board
Private group for sharing ideas
The program is led by
Kirill Kunitsky
  • Expert in business systematization with 18 years of experience in managing companies in logistics, tourism, industrial equipment supply, retail and IT.
  • Founder of the international educational and consulting company Business Constructor.
  • 25,000 business owners have been trained by Kirill.
  • Kirill has developed his own unique business technologies.
  • The speaker of 380+ business events, conferences and summits.
May 7th
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